About Rusty

"The only boundaries I have to define where I can go in life, are the ones right behind me."
-Rusty Sessions

Photographer and Cinematographer Rusty Sessions has been photographing and documenting everything from wildlife and nature to celebrities and high profile events for over 13 years professionally. Owner and DP of Sidewinder Media out of Utah. Rusty's work has been published in magazines and websites as well as used in photography display in professional photo labs and hanging on the walls of many family's homes.

With several awards for his photography and many years of experience photographing just about everything under the sun and the night sky Rusty also offers private photography lessons and does a few workshops that he offers to both beginning and professional photographers.

Rusty's passion for photography starts with wildlife,nature and macro photography but he also enjoys photographing people at their best and when they could use a little help. Doing events such as MS and Operation Smile fundraisers and videos such as the video for a homeless cello player to celebrate his talent Rusty has a special place in his hart for those less fortunate than most of us.

Some past/present clients/shoots:
311 (International Band)
The Offspring (International Band)
OK Go (International Band)
Coheed and Cambria (International Band)
Imagine Dragons (International Band)
anberlin (International Band)
Civil Twilight (International Band)
Crash Kings (International Band)
Innerpartsystem (International Band)
Gym Class Hero's (International Band)
Middle Class Rut (International Band)
Danny Glover (Actor/Activist)
Peter Dinklage (Actor)
William Fichtner (Actor)
Dermont Mulroney (Actor)
Jason Isaacs (Actor)
Arden Myrin (Actress)
Elmo/Kevin Clash (Child/Adult Icon)
Utah Jazz (NBA Team)
SLC Bees (MiLB Baseball Team)
Kyle Korver (Chicago Bulls NBA Player)
Ronnie Price (Utah Jazz NBA Player)
Ronnie Brewer (Chicago Bulls NBA Player)
Paul Millsap (Utah Jazz NBA Player)
Secretary Lisa Jackson (US EPA)
Ebay (Online Powerhouse)
X96 (Utah Radio Station)
The Suicycles/Cavedoll (National Band)
King Niko (National Band)
Daniel Day Trio (Well Known Local Band)
Trenton McKean (Well Known Local Band)
Ritchie T (Local Personality/Celebrity) 
Marcie Wiser (Local Personality/Celebrity)
Imaging Depot (Pro Photography Lab)
Color Pro Labs (Pro Photography Lab)




(All prices include travel inside of Weber, Davis and Salt Lake Counties in Utah. We do photography internationally also. Travel expense can be added on, please call for more info)


NOTE: All photography photographed using Canon's Pro end EOS 5D Mark III cameras or better using specialty and/or pro L series lenses for some of the highest quality images available.


Special Discounts are available for service men and woman, first-responders including police, fire, medical and EMS, and of course teachers of all grades.


Wedding Photography Packages Local


(Destination/worldwide wedding pricing is the same as bellow +travel and lodging)


Basic Wedding:   $800


Print Basic Wedding:   $1,200


Silver Wedding:   $2,199


Gold Wedding:   $3,799


Platinum Wedding:   $5,799


Wedding day photography (two locations/events)

"Add-ons" to any package are available for whatever you want to do. Call for more info!

Will travel to your location worldwide.  Call for more info on this.



Family, Personal, Headshot, Band, Business, Ect.. Portraits:

$125.00 (Outdoor Setting)

$225.00 (Location Studio or Photographer Studio)


Add-On Print Package: $79.00

(Other prints and products can be added on to the package. Call for more info)


 We will travel to ANY location. Call for more info on this.



Band Performance Photography: $199.00



Product/Food Photography:


$200.00 per hour (first hour)  $50.00 per additional hour

(can do everything from the photo shoot to designing menus, advertisements ect.  Please call for more info)




Digital Design Work:

(Please Call)





There is a lot of variables that go into video shoots so please call for special requests or for info not listed here. But whatever the job we can shoot it or find someone that can for you!


NOTE: Video shot with Canon's Pro end EOS 5D Mark III cameras or better with amazing depth of field control and quality up to full frame 1080p HD using specialty and Canon Pro L series Lenses for video quality matching television and "big screen" cinema! 


Music/Band Song Performance: $249.00 (unedited raw video)

B-roll Video

Video shot of one song.  Performed up to 3 full times if needed.

Raw unedited video on a loaned hard drive and copyright release 

Either 1080p HD, 720p HD or Standard Def


Music/Band Performance Finished Song Video: $1,299

B-roll video shooting

Video shot of one song.  Performed up to 3 full times if needed.

Finished video of a single song performance up to 720p HD (including B-Roll)

MPEG-4 standard format (others available upon request)

Basic transitions, titles, and desired color grading 

DVD of video file and copyright release 


Music Video:


Standard performance music video as listed above: $1,499


(For custom music videos please call with idea for a quote. If you can dream it we can do it!)




If you have special requests please give us a call TODAY! 801-941-5576